Library Media Services


On behalf of the students and staff, welcome to the Roslyn Road Elementary Library Media Center. We are here to serve the needs of our patrons. Please let us know if we can help you enjoy our resources and services. The staff and students at Roslyn Elementary would like to thank the PTO for their continuous support as we optimize success for all students.


The library is open on school days from 7:55am - 2:45pm. Every class has a scheduled time for information literacy integration and book check-out during the school week.  Students do not have to wait for their checkout day to exchange books.  They may check out and return books on any school day with classroom teacher permission.

Book Collection

The Roslyn Literature Collection consists of thousands of books and several periodical subscriptions appropriate for a wide spectrum of elementary readers. The Roslyn Multimedia Collection includes curriculum related video cassettes and DVDs, an audio collection including Playaways and books on CD.  In addition, all classrooms have a Smart Board interactive white board.

Overdue Policy

Overdue reminders are printed approximately once a month. There are no overdue fines. Any lost or damaged books need to be paid for as soon as possible. If a book is found and returned, a refund will be issued.  All money is put into a library account to replace lost and damaged books.  

Check Out Policy 

  • Students may check out books at any time during the school week.

  • Books may be kept for one week with the option to renew for an additional week or longer if needed.

  • Additional books may be checked out for classroom research projects and assignments.

  • In order to ensure that all students have equitable access to the library's materials, students are asked to return items by their due date.

Kindergarten students can check out one book prior to Halloween and two thereafter. Students in grades one through five can check out three items (includes magazines) or more if required for assignments. 

library media services staff

Stacey Lang

Teacher Librarian

Rita Miller

Library Technology Assistant